The author


Audhild L°hre was born in 1951 and grew up on the countryside in Lundamo close to Trondheim, Norway. After studies in Trondheim and Oslo, she started to work in Surnadal, first with mentally disabled and later as a school psychologist.

Audhild L°hre got the diagnoses hypothyroidism at the age of 38. The disease strongly influenced her life. In spite of the prescribed thyroxin the progress was slow and she was fully or partly out of work for some years. Living with her husband and their three children in quiet surroundings she gradually regained capacities and secretly began to write about her experiences.

Professionally, Audhild L°hre continued to work with children and adolescents at the community level until she started academic studies again. In 2011 she completed a PhD and now works as a researcher at the university in Trondheim, NTNU.

Audhild L°hre has also participated as a volunteer speaker and expert advisor in the Norwegian Thyroid Organization for many years.